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Rebel Yell - Billy Idol Cover - April 2018

I had the privileged recently to play a friends joint Birthday Party Come Fundraiser. in which i did an acoustic version of Billy Idols "Rebel Yell" .. after coming back at the next band rehearsal with culpa i did a reprise .. this is the Reprise.. Camera Audio.. shot with my go pro hero2 .. this was very impromptu and was happy to be joined by the rest of the band, i think this is my one my best vocal versions (even if i did forget a line towards the end).. hope you enjoy it,.. please like share and subscribe :)

First time Solo Acoustic Set.. (Multicam) The Ashmore Inn (14/04/2018)

Taken from a Joint 40th Birthday/Fund Raiser(for the ARC - Ashmore Rescue for Cats) event that happened on sat 14th of April at the Ashmore Inn, Wolverhampton .. This is a, Multi-camera one over head stage and one into the Audience.(35 min approx Set) (only mic Audio unfortunately) but it captures everything warts and all. we all had a fabulous night, lots of singing dancing and general frivolity.. Big Thank you to all those who came out to support us.. Was also joined on the drums by my good friend (who is not a drummer) , whos birthday it was.. as well as him joining me on the last song

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